Build Out a Team

Howdy! I heard from many of you that you’d like to get connected with others in the AR space so you can begin building out a developer team. Maybe you’re creative, but not technical, maybe you are a creative director but need people to code the experience and make the assets, or anything in between! Feel free to post what you’re looking for here in the discourse forum so you can get linked up with the right skillsets!

-Hali and The Community Team


Hey guys :slight_smile:

I’m Cesar, Pokémon fan, coding since 2010, sold a small startup a few years ago, looking forward to a possible great opportunity in the metaverse.

What would be great to build?

Hi guys,

I’m Kash from France and I have nice ideas on cool games to create but don’t have the skills to build them. Could be nice to share!

Hello, I’m Juan Miguel Rochina, I’m a Multimedia Engineer. I’m from Spain, and I’m working in a StartUp called Proyecto A. I like a lot to develop games, so I’m trying to manage this new tool. I think it’s very useful, so I will use it to develop my AR projects. Nice to meet you!