Compatibility with Google Cardboard?

Hello all, I’m new in ARDK and wanna know about the compatibility with Google Cardboard. I would like to make the AR experience along with the cellphone VR headset. May I know if anyone try or test out before? Thank you!

Hello Ocular_Bioeng_AR_HKU,

ARDK is built for mobile devices and does not currently support headsets. We hope to expand support in the future, but I cannot guarantee if or when what support may be added. Please keep an eye out on our Announcements for any future developments.

Thank you for your information. But just to clarify more I am targeting build in mobile devices too, but not the headsets like HoloLens or Oculus etc…

Or to be exact, could ARDK render the camera feed in stereoscopic, which as shown as this image?

image ref: AR VR Mixed Reality | Systems | Unity Asset Store

Hello Ocular_Bioeng_AR_HKU,

The Lightship SDK doesn’t explicitly support VR/MR configurations at this time. However, if you were planning on running this application on an already supported device, then it may be possible for you to write a custom shader to duplicate the camera feed in order to mimic a stereoscopic effect. The two images wouldn’t exactly be stereoscopic since they would be originating from the same camera source frame instead of at an offset from one another, so it ultimately may not be the effect you’re looking for… but it could be worth a shot.

You could also try two cameras as left and right eyes with some IPD and set their viewport size and position to half to get stereoscopic depth. This approach uses more resources to render two cameras simultaneously.