Context Awareness Example Scenes Crash

Hey all, ive been trying to test out the Context Awareness features on android because its awesome to finally have access to features like this without needing a LiDAR iOS device, but no matter what device I build to (Android) the app instantly crashes once I turn on AR/ enable the context awareness.

I’m using Unity 2019.4.32f and tested on a Samsung S9(which i realize isnt exactly supported) but I also tested on a Samsung S20 and had the same results.

Has anyone else had this issue/knows how to fix it?

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Hi Scott, one of the most common crash that we see on Android is when a 32 bit app built and run on a 64 bit device. Can you double check that you are using the il2cpp scripting backend and that ARM64 support is enabled ?

Hello Scott, we are sorry you are experiencing a crash. Please give us your ARDK version and Android version?

That’s exactly what it was, thanks!