Doc - Explain or redirect - Access saved meshes


Been playing around with the Mesh saving tutorial here : Niantic AR Development Kit (ARDK): Advanced Tutorial: Meshes in the Unity Editor

In the section " Save Mesh Files ", quote “Importantly, you need to set up your application’s permissions to write files & allow file access over USB.”

Is it possible to have some redirections or explanation to documentations according to supported platforms ?

For those who are wondering for iOS, file write is always possible so no setup needed on this part.
To allow file access over USB you have to manually change the info.plist file (at each build ?) in XCode add the “Application support iTunes file sharing” information property list, which is boolean, and set it to true. Note that you can also do it manually with a text editor by adding
" somewhere in the info.plist.
(If someone has any idea to do this in Unity, please enlighten us)
Now your mesh files are accessible using Finder or iTunes, your choice.

I think for Android it’s pretty easy, there are some options on Unity android build settings. Haven’t test it yet

Hi Delforges,

Thanks for writing in your suggestion. We have logged a feature request to get that looked into.
Appreciate your feedback.