Does Scanning framework support guassian splats?

I’m trying to find confirmation if the Lightship Scanning framework currently or plans to support gaussian splat scanning.

I’m looking at developing an experience where users can scan a object as a optional element to their journey. I’d rather not off load them to another app, like scaniverse, to do this step, and instead embeded it as a part of my app.

I’d like to know if guassian splat capture is a part of the lightship scanning framework. I can’t seem to find if thats a thing yet?

Hi Emile,

Unfortunately, the Scanning Framework in Lightship 2.x does not support gaussian splatting. Even without gaussian splatting, you should find that the resulting meshes from in-app scans are sufficient for bringing real-life objects into the virtual world, though.

Kind regards,
Maverick L.

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