File: "Playback data set" to download a wayspost/ no tracking

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Hi! After following the documentation and the workshop, I am trying to add my own mesh from a public and previously activated VPS (“Puerta del Bautismo”, in Sevilla) at geospatial browser. But, once I do it, the simulator says:

“Anchor tracking status placeholder” (with “play” buttom unpressed)
“Choose a location to start tracking” (with play buttom pressed)

As I do not have the “Relic playback data set” file for my new wayspot, it is no working. What can I do, then?



Hello Aurora,

Can you send me a link to the documentation that you looked at?

Also, may I know what you mean by “Relic playback dataset” If you’re attempting to use playback to test out a Wayspot, you need a playback data set of that location

Hi Jesus, thanks for your answer.

Of course, I have followed this and the previous one as well:

Now, I am trying to use this wayspot located in Seville, Spain. I have downloaded the mesh:

But the point is that, if I need this “data set” file as it is used in the workshop video and that file is not available in the geospatial browser, how could I manage it?

Maybe I am entwining two different things?


Oh ok I see what you mean. So we don’t include any data sets with Wayspot meshes, the ones on our site are just examples. If you need a specific data set for a specific wayspot you need to record your own which you can do so by following this How To

Ok Jesús, I will follow it.

Thanks a lot,