Gameboard example: Is there a provision to generate tiles on walls

Greetings All!

  • Issue category: Unity Example Package
  • Device type & OS version: Android
  • Host machine & OS version: Windows
  • Issue Environment : Unity Mock
  • ARDK version: Latest
  • Unity version: 2020 LTS

Description of the issue:
I understand in the GameBoard example we can experiment with TileSize, FlatFloorTolerance, MaxSlope and StepHeight. Is there a provision that I can generate the tiles at an angle according to the normal of the detected plane, i.e., can tiles also be generated on walls/uneven surfaces?

Thank you!

Hi Kyzyl,
The expected result of creating a Gameboard is that it uses a flat surface. As such, tiles aren’t generated at angles, but there is a tolerance setting to allow uneven surfaces to be considered flat surfaces. There is currently no way to generate on walls with the Gameboard scene. The GardenMesh tutorial does instantiate objects based on horizontal and vertical surfaces however, so you may find a way to do what you are seeking through code on the developer side.