Geospatial Browser not working

Hello! I am having problems trying to donwload my private meshes because the mesh is always loading and is not appearing in the geospatial browser for hours. However, my oldest meshes are appearing.

I’m having the same problem!

I see in the screenshots that at least one scan is under processing but it is unclear to me if that is the problematic scan, processing can take a while but it should not take longer than about 4 hours, and well, the mesh should be available once the status becomes Active.

So I got quick questions, could both of you clarify if:

  1. Is the problem that the mesh is unavailable for your scans even after it becomes Active ?
  2. Is the problem that the scan is stuck in Processing for more than 4 hours?

In my case, the mesh does not load even if its status is Active. I’m always getting the message: Loading mesh…

Got it, thanks for confirming.
I’ll look into this and get back to you as soon as I have an update, it might take a bit though, sorry in advance for the inconvenience.

Disregard my previous comment, the issue should be fixed now, could you verify and let me know if you’re still experiencing this problem?

The problem still happens in today’s models (01, july), even if it says “Active” the scan does not appear and stays in “Loading Mesh”, if I download it it comes out empty. The ones from a couple of days ago already work normally.

Did you just request VPS-activation today? If so, don’t depend on the 4-hour wait. The process could be delayed. You’ll know it’s activated when you get an email with the Wayspot Title “Activated on VPS”. But if you get an email saying “Activation Failed”, you need to do more scans and try again.

The scans are taking way more than 1 day. I’ve scanned some locations at 03/07 and they are still showing the message: Loading mesh…

Can you share links of the scans that are seeing this issue?
Makes things easier on our side to track that way.

It seems that they are taking 4-5 days to appear. I have scans from July 1 that said “Active” but it just appeared today, I have been checking it all these days. Similarly, some scans I did on June 28 appeared around July 1 (days after reporting the problem here).
If it helps to detect the problem, I leave links of scans from different days, please tell me if the url is correct or should I leave another link:
-Scanned on 27/06, appeared about 01/07
Niantic Lightship. 107

-Scanned on 28/06, appeared about 01/07

-Scanned on 01/07, appeared today 05/07

I hope this helps.

Thanks @Trazendente !
Glad that at least you are unblocked for now. I’ll follow up on this as I get more info, in the mean time, if you see more scans having this problem please keep reporting them (with a link too).