How to convert Meshing data to 3D object

Description of the issue:
I am a beginner of Lightship ARDK. I can use the official example to save the meshing data on Android phone. I want to make a mock enviroment based on this meshing data.

Q: How to convert the meshing data(.bin) to OBJ/any other 3d object by myself?

Thank you so so much!

Idk if this is the recommended way by Lightship, but you can load in the .bin with the Mock Mesh in Unity.
If you install the FBX exporter package in the package manager you can click the mesh and click export to FBX

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Hi Jason,

.bin files can be directly imported to Unity Editor without converting to any other format(s). Import meshes into the Unity section of Advanced Tutorial: Meshes in the Unity Editor describes in detail.

Hope this helps you to proceed further.

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