How to get GPS coordinates of private VPS locations?

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I read that the VPS Coverage API cannot be used for private VPS locations. Is there any way to fetch the GPS coordinates of the private locations/meshes? (the coordinates are visible on my dashboard, I would like to fetch them in my Unity project).

Thank you

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Hi Muhammad,

You are correct, the Coverage API doesn’t account for private scans and therefore you’re unable to access this information. What you can do, since the coordinates are visible on the Lightship portal, is implement your own data structure that best suits your project to track this information. Say for example a Dictionary where the Key is the private scan and the Value is the coordinates

Hi Jesus

Thanks for the reply. I would like to confirm something. So currently there is no way to ‘fetch’ the private scan’s GPS coordinates right? They can only be seen in the dashboard. And I would have to manually add them in the data structure you described?

Hi Muhammad,

That is correct.

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