How to make Private Wayspot for 8thwall VPS?

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I have got the private garden. It’s very useful for me, will make Scan Meshes for 8thWall VPS. And will try different functions and develop some functions with tests in my private garden.

If I make Wayspot in 8thWall interface, I have a message:

  • “Wayspots you create must be safe and publicly accessible.”

But in Documentation, I see “Private” type of wayspots:

  • “Private” Waystpots are only accessible to your Workspace by scanning the location using Niantic’s Wayfarer app. Private Wayspots are intended for use during development and may not be included in a published project.

Is it work for 8thWall? And how use it?
Thank you!

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Or, I have resolved my problem.
What helped me:

  1. Wayspot in 8thWall interface has tab Private Scans
  2. When you use Niantic Wayspot, you need to LogOut account, and LogIn 8thWall account.

Thank you


Glad you were able to resolve the problem. In case others have similar issues, here are links to some of the documentation:

Once you have installed the Wayfarer app, you can login with your 8th Wall credentials by pressing the “Login with 8th Wall button”. On the profile page, select your 8th Wall workspace from the drop down menu. Any private scans created will be associated with that workspace and will be seen as private scans in the Geospatial Browser: