How to paint a wall using ARDK

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  • Issue category: Semantic Segmentation / Multiplayer / Real-time Mapping-Depth / ARDK Documentation / Unity Example Package / Sample App aka ‘AR Voyage’ / ARDK Virtual Studio Tools / Developer Tools / Networking / VPS
  • Device type & OS version: Android
  • Host machine & OS version: Windows
  • ARDK version: 1.3.1
  • Unity version:2021.3.2

Description of the issue:

I’m new to UNITY. Now I need to find the walls around me and draw on them with my finger movements using ARDK. Can anyone help me with that?


Welcome Naveen! First navigate over to Getting Started with Lightship ARDK. We don’t have a tutorial that will show you step by step, but we do have tons of information to get you started.

Also, check out our Semantic Texture tutorial that would assist in creating textures and finding walls. You will have to implement the code for this project on your own.

I would also point out the Sky Writing example on our youtube channel. This would be very close to what you’re trying to implement. Let me know if you have more questions.

Thanks @Moranda_Nalls1

You’re welcome!

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