How to place virtual object on a specific real object

Description of the issue:

Hello we are two students on a 3 months projet on Lightship ARDK,
and we want to place virtual object (like a cube) on a specific real world object (like a vase) .
We can map the environment before, but we are not sure how to do it.

To resolve this we thought about using multiplayer mesh-position (like in this video:Intermediate Creating Shared Experiences - YouTube) : having a host who dont scan on the moment but who use our previous scan map and the client connect to him scan the map and find his position in the scene. Then the host spawn the object at the good position on the session.

Do you think our problem is solvable? Does our solution is possible ?
Thank you in advance for your answer

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Hi Hakim, you’re on the right track. The Basic Placement tutorial will also assist you in placing objects as well. Goodluck on your ARDK journey. Thanks.

Hi Moranda, thank you for your answer.
Do you have test project whith the methode i had describe above.
Best regards

Hi Hakim, sorry the link did not transfer. Please use this url for the basic placement tutorial:

In reference to the test project; we have many ARDK examples available for download, and we have video tutorials to assist you in Unity.

Use this link to access the video tutorials:

Use this link to access the documentation for all the tutorials: