How to use Remote Mode in ARDK 3.0 beta

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Description of the issue:
Hey guys, do you know whether the Remote Mode is supported in ARDK 3.0 beta ? I see the there are instructions for ARDK 2.5.2 Playing in Remote Mode — Niantic Lightship Augmented Reality Developer Kit release-2.5.2 documentation, while not for ARDK 3.0 Welcome to ARDK 3 | Niantic Lightship
PS. I tried using ARDK 2.5.2 's Remote Feed App for ARDK 3.0 , but doesn’t work

Looking forward to your support, and thanks in advance !


You can disregard this reply since I’ve already answered your question on our Discord server. I’m reposting the answer here so that it can reach a wider audience :slight_smile:

Remote Mode is currently not supported in ARDK 3. At the moment the main debug feature is Remote Playback.