I have a number of developers doing R&D work with Lightship VPS - how can we help in capturing public VPS for others in our area. We are in the Lancaster, York, Harrisburg and down Philadelphia cities in Pennsylvania

We are planning to be traveling around capturing the cities that we reside in and eventually some of the client engagements in our real estate solution around rental properties at some of the eastern coastal beach areas. How can we help out the growing dataset for public based VPS, what can we do to get more involved?

Chuck Durham

Hello Charles,

Wayfarer is the new app put out by Niantic that is used to help increase VPS coverage through scans contributed by public user’s. I have included some links you will need in order to get started:

The first step is to join the Wayfarer beta.

Here is the link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/VXu1F2jf

I am also including a link to our documentation on how to install and use the Wayfarer app.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Yeah we have the Wayfarer beta and are testing some uploads - as we are going around doing private VPS, wondering how we can help contribute to public in the future - with our specific area there is not likely to be as many doing it, but we are going to be very active in capturing meshes for VPS

Hey Charles,

Honestly the best thing you can do is exactly what you are doing. Each scan you take makes VPS better. I have a link here that will tell you how to nominate new wayspots with your scans. https://lightship.dev/docs/ardk/vps/generating_scans.html#nominating-new-wayspots

Please let us know if this helps you.