Image detection example not working on Windows 11 (unity 2019.4.32f1)

I just imported the Getting started examples and the SDK tutorials into an empty Unity project and tried to run the scenes. However there are several shader errors (everything is pink).

I then opened the image detection example but I get exception that my system does not support these features?

Some examples work (like plane detection), most not.

I tried the similar setup on a Mac and get the same error.

How do we get the image detection useable?

Thanks again.

Maybe you have the wrong target in your Build Settings? I think it needs to be either iOS or Android.

Sadly that’s not causing it: The project was already setup for android and I got this error. :frowning:

Hello Martin, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will investigate and get back to you when we have more information.

Hello Martin,

Thank you for your patience. The answer to your question is the ImageDetection ARDK example scene is intended to be run only on the device and should not function in the Unity editor.