Ingress in-app, VPS activation request & mesh health checker

Ok ok, hear me out- sorry if said a million times already.

First - whats up with chaotic mess of request VPS (re)activation mess? Always broken.

Secondly, in Ingress, theres an empty space on both sides of “SCAN PORTAL” button so perhaps move that to one side & add another button that enable us Ingress players to actually see the mesh, the health, uploads spreads as so ob as well as ability to request activation.

Of course to keep load stable, needs to restrict to level 16+ & have amount of requests based on Scout & Scout controller tier badges.

Please, bring this feature to ingress for the Overclocking lovers to enjoy & yes, do aware higher badges, the better - just like you want us to scan more, we deserve more requests when we got better badges to show dedication to scanning !

Lastly, thanks for reading my frustration… I just want to improve my meshes for better Overclocking experience.

Portal Scanning seems to be on the mind of many Ingress players lately. Heck, I very recently complained on Reddit about how Ingress only encourages scan quantity, not scan quality.

I fully agree with what you’ve said: the Wayfarer/Lightship app just provides so much more information about what the mesh actually contains; Ingress should have it too! The one issue is that this seems to be more of a Ingress feature request that requires them to ask for help from Lightship people, not directly a Lightship feature request. Wrong forum, I guess? But then again the Ingress people just shut their forum down, so maybe putting it here makes sense.

(I don’t think the two teams are sharing that much info with each other, or we won’t be having this many activation pauses coinciding with Ingress events, or a quality-agnostic reward system, or about 80 other bad things. I hope they improve on it.)


The activation issues that you’ve experienced are due to the rate limit we’ve set; once it’s reached, activation won’t work until it resets. As for the Ingress part of your question, you will need to reach out to the Ingress support team. These forums are meant for the Lightship developer community to get assistance with our Lightship SDK

@Jesus_Hernandez is there a way to know my rate limit?

Anyways i really think the lightship devs needs to address that issue with Ingress devs as you probs noticed since Overclocking is a feature & it is reason why your load is higher than usual since poorly planned event was on back in Decber 2023.

My suggestion to use badge tiers stands with Scout badge tier determines cooldown to request & Scout Controller badge tier to determine amount of requests to be made over a specific cooldown period.

Hmm, I’ve activated exactly 0 portals and the activation isn’t working. Is it more like a global rate limit? I mean, it’s not just me.

The last time it happened was 5 to 6 months ago; that time yall said there was a backlog. No similar complaints between now and then, so I guess the backlog got dealt with.