Is there a way to have a 3D model face in the direction of the camera?

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When i build the app the 3d model comes in at different angles when I press on the screen. Is there a way to set the 3d model to face the camera the right way round?

Hi Nick,

Can you provide a little more details of the 3D model? Is this something you created yourself or got from the Unity store or elsewhere? Or are you referring to a scan you created using the Scaniverse/ Wayfarer app?

Its a model built in Blender of a Heat Pump. But when I tap to place using object placement it sometimes appears at an angle of backwards to the camera.

Hi Nick,

Can you provide me with the line of code that instantiates the model and also the code that sets its position when instantiating? (feel free to send via DM if you’re not comfortable posting on your public post) Have you also tried with a non-ARDK mobile scene to rule out the possibility of how the 3D model is being imported?