Is there Geo located AR?

Is there a feature that allows me to put AR in a Longitude and latitude (geolocation)?
I want to be able to put AR in a park for example.



Hi Diego, thank you for your patience. The answer to your question is the current ARDK does not support this type of input. However it is possible via using AR anchors:
In relation to geo-based anchors, the LocationService is just a wrapper around Unity’s GPS API, so that could be used as well, but again we are not currently utilizing any hooks or additional features specific to that in the ARDK.
Thankfully, options to create anchors based on specific identifiers are in internal development though not currently available. So, you would need to implement functions to go to/from GPS coordinates (lat, lon) and the cartesian (x, y, z) coordinate system of the tracking system. This can be done by using GPS/compass while the AR Session is running, but the implementation needs to be done on your side.