It appears that some waypoints thatbare accepted arent appearing in games despite meeting the inclusion rules

As said above, ive had it myself and im getting alot of reports witb it happening to others and there seems to be no rhyme or reason, i know we arent supposed to officially acknowledge the inclusion rules, but people are having waypoints accepted, appearing on the wayfarer map, but come sync times for pokemon go and ingress, are just not appearing, this is despite there being more than 20 meters for portals and being in an unoccupied cell. No one sees any logic to it, some thought near ahciols was an issue but people, muself included, have had this happen qhere there was no nearby school for half a kilometer. I would have put this in bug report but honestly, as we cant even replicate or work it out, a lot of us on several platforms think its wither on purpose or theres a random gremlin in the program, so would be nice if we could get some form or reason for it

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Hello Gary
As you should be aware, this is a platform for developers using the Lightship platform. If you have an issue with the games that you mention you should rise it in their respective forums.

Hi Gary,

Thank you for your question and for your excitement around the Wayfarer app. The app that you’re using to submit Wayspots is a beta version for developers. We’ve rolled it out to a small group to test core functionality to make sure we can meet both your needs as an Explorer community and the needs of developers building VPS experiences. It is not yet ready for use by the broader community. If you submitted a Wayspot through the beta app, the nominations are provisional and only for testing; they may not appear in games, and will not appear in your Wayfarer Contributions page. Wayfarer stats, or your in-game stats, as the Wayfarer App is not yet linked to your account. Rest assured, however, that we are currently working on fully linking Wayfarer App contributions and this will be supported when we launch to Explorers next year! For the time being, we ask that you continue to submit via the Ingress Scanner or the Pokémon GO app until the full version of the app is ready. We want to make sure none of your contributions go to waste. For more details, see our recent post in the Wayfarer forum.