Lightship ARDK 3.0 is now available in Public Beta!

We’re thrilled to share that the Public Beta of Lightship ARDK 3.0 is now available! This version introduces Unity’s AR Foundation compatibility, which makes adding ARDK to any project a breeze with just a few clicks in Unity’s Package Manager.

ARDK 3.0 enhances the creation of location-based AR experiences. We’ve upgraded our VPS APIs and introduced new features such as Content Authoring and User Generated Content to make your AR development smoother and more intuitive.

Plus, get your hands on Playback Support, which was previously an experimental feature. We’ve got more features in the pipeline, so stay tuned for those updates. Start exploring the capabilities of ARDK 3.0 today and let us know your feedback. Happy developing!

Build with Lightship ARDK 3.0 What’s new in Lightship ARDK 3.0 – Niantic Lightship

To learn more, view Justin’s Intro to ARDK 3.0 talk or Jameka’s deep dive on Building with ARDK 3.0.

Hi, I’m trying to make a project with Content Authoring for Android following all the steps in the documentation:
But when previewing in Unity I get the error: “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object”. It is exported but on my Android the camera stays black, it does not activate. What am I doing wrong? I even give camera permissions from apps on my device but it doesn’t work. Thank you!