Location disappeared and lost VPS when returned

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I had a public VPS-activated location which was available in the Niantic games, got removed and now is back, but the all the scans are no longer there, I still have the data, location and details, is there a way to “glue it back”?

Hello Calvin,

For questions relating to locations as they appear in games, please be sure to reach out to their respective support forums for assistance, such as Ingress Support and Pokemon Go Support. Thank you.

Hi @Stacy_Clifton !

But my question is about the VPS scans already made and the object that was activated and with good localization before being removed.
Now that it is back, is there a way to re enable the object, since I have the data saved, and it is still in your servers?

Is the Geospatial Browser and VPS not part of the Lightship Platform?

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As far as I know, it is, but it seems that for this wayspot is out of sync since it was restored to the database

My original question stands unanswered. Can it be restored since I have the data?