PatCat here from GeoGlitched!

Hi there Lightship community! My name’s Patrick Catanzariti, PatCat for short, and I was lucky enough to be the Lightship AR Demo Challenge Winner with my GeoGlitched game :smile:

It’s a game that uses Niantic’s Lightship ARDK to generate objects throughout your world that have appeared from somewhere else — street signs, flags, newspaper headlines, bills of local currency and more. You’ve got to work out which location the items are from and choose that location to send them back!

It uses a whole bunch of open APIs across the web to generate each challenge, so the game is always updating with new content.

The goal is to help people explore their own world walking around their town with friends, while also getting to learn about places around the world at the same time :slight_smile:

A video showcasing an early version and a form for anyone who’d like to be a part of its alpha release are here if anyone is curious:

Thank you again to Niantic for releasing Lightship and making my whole game possible! Welcome to all the new developer friends who are eagerly exploring the Lightship ARDK for the first time :wave:


Welcome to the community, Patrick!
I think your video demo of GeoGlitched is super exciting. I really need to try it out myself!

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