PlaneFinding Grid Shader is Pink

Using Unity 2020.3.16f and ARDK 1.0.1

Trying to run through the tutorials in the documentation but I have run into the issue with the Planefinding Grid Material/Shader attached to the PlanePrefab in the package.

It seems to have the following error attached to it when looking at the shader in the inspector.

“Unlit/PlanefindingGrid shader is not supported on this GPU (none of subshaders/fallbacks are suitable)”

My GPU is a Radeon Rx480 and has not had such an issue with shaders before.


After much testing, The shader works fine when deployed to a phone. And it seems to be tied to a #pragma exclude_renderers d3d11 In the shader script. There is a comment about excluding the shader from dx11.


Hi Thomas! usually pink means missing material. My workaround its go-to graphics > Upgrade All Materials to the current Render Pipeline.

Yes, I am well aware that pink is usually a sign of a missing material and upgrading all materials is not an available option in the standard render pipeline. But even in URP when tried in a new project, the upgrade left it pink.
As stated in my follow-up reply, there is some code in the shader that causes it to exclude itself from the pipeline when DX11 is involved. Commenting out that line allows it to work properly in the editor, and even without commenting it out, it works on a device.

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I also have this same experience. I wonder what that is about?

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