POI for non-AR?

So I am not planning on doing any type of AR, so currently I am just utilizing the maps sdk. There doesnt seem to be any POI data and from what I have read, it doesnt seem like there is an ETA or plan on it being inlcluded. I am just wanting to incorperate POI data and place prefabs at those locations for my game, no AR, no VPS, none of that, just a prefab which I will let the user click on and attack and stuff. I saw one post where someone replied to a similar question about POI data to achieve something similar saying to use the geospatial browser to be able to get all the locations whether they are vps activated or not (since the ardk only provides vps activated locations), but I am not able to figure out how to be able to pull the location data from the geospatial browser. I see I can download the meshes of vps activated ones but thats not what I am needing, I just need to be able to get the coordinates of the POIs around the player, is this possible with lightship? Or will I need to find an alternative for POI data to incorperate

Hi Nolan,

You have a couple options here. Lightship’s latest release does have an experimental World Positioning System (WPS) which allows you to place objects in the world at specific coordinates, and Lightship Maps allows you to create custom feature builders to place objects on the map. Since you already have Maps installed, I would recommend looking at the resource collection game sample and the label sample to get a feel for how you would place custom objects on the map.

Kind regards,
Maverick L.

So I am able to place objects based on area features, but what about at buildings? The prefab spawner does not seem to work with the building layer. Does that only leave the WPS as an alternative? Or if I can potentially modify either the prefab spawner script or get my own working for buildings?

Feature builders aren’t limited to only area features. Take a look at the StructureFeatureBuilderAsync file as that is the feature builder that generates the building meshes on the map. Try duplicating that script, adding your prefab in the code, and telling the map to use your feature builder script instead to see your changes. That should give you an idea of what you need to do.

Since you’re using Maps, I would leave WPS as a last resort alternative. What you’re looking to do can be done with Maps.

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