Problems with Meshs of VPS activated Wayspots

Not sure if this the appropriate way, anyways I go a head. I’m here on the platform mostly cause I play Niantic Ingress for ages. My friend (plays as active as i do) and I take care of the community in our area. Since the feature of scaning came up we and we’re both in IT and/or tech we played with it and did our best to make hq scans where possible. Right now we tried to get as much as possible Wayspots activated for game reasons as well as for fun for just doing so.
We came across a few questions, maybe someone can help out.
a) We have meshs of Wayspots that are defintly not the Wayspot or maybe just part. Is it possible to have em reset to provide new scans so a proper mesh is createable.
b) meshs where you can see so much floor around the wayspot that you asume someone scaned just floor (see example pic). Is it possible to provide new hq scans so the floor is reduced. And how to get the status changed from experimental to quality.
c) There are wayspots which had been reported that those are removed, but wayfarer community refuses to delete the wayspot for whatever reason, is there a possibilty we can mark them for you?
d) There are Wayspots which are not on the location as in the Database. Same as in c) Wayfarer community does not change the location. Can we mark those wayspots any way, because players will scan floor instead of the wayspot when they can’t find the wayspot.

Thanks for everybody giving any advice and help us with this. Meanwhile I start playing SDK for fun :wink:

Hi Matthias,

Welcome to Lightship!

  1. Most likely what you’re seeing are chunks of your scan as they are separated if your scan lasts longer than a minute. When you get a moment, please take a look at our Scanning Best Practices to ensure you get the highest quality scans. While we’re able to delete your Lightship-specific data, it won’t be necessary to reset or remove your scans from your Wayspot. Use our scanning best practices and keep your scans to less than a minute – the more data the better!
  2. The status of your Wayspot will change as you provide more high quality scans. If after several more attempts of trying to activate your Wayspot you find the status hasn’t updated after a business day or two, please reach out again.
  3. Unfortunately, it’s up to the Wayfarer community to make those changes.
  4. It sounds like you’re referring to drift? If so, could you please provide a couple examples of Wayspots with the intended and actual locations? That could be a system issue and is worth looking into.

Kind Regards,
Maverick L.