Rasterizing Road data to result in this possible?

I have been loving lightship so far and it seems like the perfect tool for what I have been wanting to do for a game. I have been messing with mesh replacing for things like the ground and buildings which all were pretty simple modifications to the builder files and work great. One thing I keep coming back to and pushing off again because I can never come up with a solution is custom/tiled roads. One of the mapbox developers was able to achieve the image included below with mapbox by rasterizing the map data and relating it to some hex tiles (pack from unity asset store POLYGON MINI - Fantasy Pack). This was on a large zoom level though and not on the street level, so less road detail.

So my main point is if anyone has any ideas or if this is even achievable with lightship (and on a street level at that as steets can be so close together I think rasterizing the data would be messy and difficult to map to tiles)?

One idea I was looking into as well was trying to find where lightship creates the road meshes and maybe adding some tiny random offsets to the x and y locations of the verticies to make the roads seem a bit less perfect, but the file I believe this takes place in (LinearFeatureBuilderUtils.cs) doesn’t have many comments and hard for me to understand (I am a student so only have so much experience with programming in general).

Like I said again though, loving lightship and toying with it for my game idea.