Scan with multiple cameras

Many new devices have multiple rear-facing cameras with different view angles, but (on iOS at least) Wayfarer only uses the main (standard) one. Using both cameras at the same time should provide better continuity of objects by virtue of the wider-angle camera without sacrificing the higher resolution provided by the standard camera.

  • On iOS, several existing apps allow capturing from multiple cameras at once. I don’t know exactly how they do it, though I suspect you could just run multiple avfoundation sessions at once, each with their own device – the API identifies the real and virtual (fusion) devices quite well and provides info on their types: telephoto, wide, ultrawide, virtual combination of two or three of the aforementioned.
  • On Android 9+, Multi-camera API  |  Android media  |  Android Developers seems to explicitly explain the simultaneous use-case.

I don’t have an Android, so maybe you’ve already implemented it; sorry if that’s the case! All I have is an iPhone 12mini with two rear cameras, one standard and the other wide (“0.5x”).

This issue is not the same as using multi-camera stereoscopic depth. It’s about seeing wider so we don’t lose track of objects; that’s it. I often have to walk up close to an object to make it get registered on the capture interface, but then I have to do many, many more passes. I don’t like it.

Whether that causes complications with using a depth image output (which probably has a view-angle smaller than the wide camera), I… also don’t know.

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Thanks for the feedback. I have noted this down as a feature request but please note that we can’t provide a timeline for if/ when a certain feature will be available.

Thanks, that’s good enough for me. You people sure are doing better than the Ingress people on the reply-speed front.