Sunsetting ARDK 2.X

With the release of ARDK 3.0, ARDK 2.X versions will be deprecated on April 1, 2024. Once deprecated, these versions and versions prior will no longer be supported and associated features may not function as expected.

We encourage you to migrate to the latest version of ARDK. ARDK 3.0 is designed to be easier to use, and a more flexible solution for your augmented reality and geospatial projects. This version lays the foundation for a better architected ARDK, setting it up to be supported and iterated on for the long term. If you need to migrate an existing project built with ARDK 2.X, check out our migration guide, to help get your project upgraded to using ARDK 3.0 quickly and easily.

To get started with ARDK version 3.0, check out the developer documentation, or pull down our sample projects package to see bite-sized examples of our features in action.

Other issues or challenges? You can find us here on the Lightship developer forums, or the Lightship developer community Discord. We’re here to help.

Happy building!

The Lightship Team

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Hi, have good days, i tried ARDK 3.0 but i didn’t see Scanning Framework like in ARDK 2.5 (a feature allows we scan, process and export it in 3d Model) , is it unavaible in ARDK 3.0?

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Seems like still it is not in ARDK 3. Thats a major blocker for me to migrate to ARDK 3.0 as well.

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Is hand tracking missing from 3.0 as well? Looked through the samples and it seems to be missing.