Textured 3D mesh models

When I was trying to create an app that generates textured 3D mesh models,
I decided to use Niantic Lightship ARDK, which is introduced on this page (lightship.dev/ja/docs/ardk/scanning/getting_started.html).

However, even after setting up according to the documentation and looking at the sample,
No APIs using “Scanning Framework” or similar functionality were found in the current version 3.0.

Support for ver 2.5 will end in April, so I’d like to proceed with development on Ver.3.0.
Is it not possible to generate textured 3D meshes in version 3.0?

Hi masanoh,

The Scanning Framework is not available in Lightship 3.x. While support for 2.5 will end in April, features other than Shared AR in that version will continue working, but you won’t receive official support should you need it. Other than scanning, what features are you planning on using in your app?

Kind regards,
Maverick L.

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Would like to echo masanoh that the Scanning Framework was very useful in 2.5 and missing it in 3.0 as well.

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I understand that Scanning Framework cannot be used in 3.0.

The only feature I wanted to use was generates textured 3D mesh models.
Even if support for 2.5 ends,
if the functionality of Scanning Framework itself is still available, I’d like to start with development using 2.5.

You shouldn’t see a lapse in functionality with the Scanning Framework past April, so it is safe to continue using 2.5 indefinitely.