Unable to create private scans using Wayfarer

  • Issue category: Niantic Wayfarer 3.1.0.cafe174
  • Device type & OS version: iOS
  • Host machine & OS version: iPhone 11 on iOS 16.6.1

Description of the issue:

I was trying to create private scans of my workplace and a small building outside, but every time after selecting Scan Type → Private it appears public in the Logbook. Also, I can’t upload any scans now because they need a wayspot assigned since they automatically became public. Lastly, selecting Upload Now seems to be uploading scans somewhere since those scans don’t appear in the Logbook, but they are also nowhere to be found in my lightship.dev account, even after some time (more than 4 hours).

Any help would be appreciated!

Update: downgrading Niantic Wayfarer to fixed the issues

Hello Anastasiia,

Thank you for your report and for posting your solution!

I have reproduced the issue with version 3.1.0.cafe174 of the Wayfarer app that the Scan Type is assigned as Public despite Private being selected by default. I was able to get past this by manually clicking Private (if you get to the Wayspot Association page, that means they will be uploaded as Public scans), but I have let the team know of the issue so that they may work on resolving it.

As a note, scans will disappear from the logbook once they’re successfully uploaded. You would not be able to find them in your Private Scans section if they were not properly tagged as Private.

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Thank you for the response!

Since version 3.1.0.cafe174 is no longer available, I am not sure how to create private scans anymore. This issue still persists in the latest version - Could you please explain how were you able to get past this?

Thank you in advance!

Hello Anastasiia,

Are you still experiencing the same issue as your original post?
I was also able to create and upload a private scan with this latest version by making sure to manually click ‘Test’ on the Scan Type screen. I had to click it multiple times in a row before it properly registered, but you should be able to create private scans this way. If you make it to the ‘Wayspot Association’ screen, simply go back and make sure to click ‘Test’ a few times so that it registers as a private scan. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I hope this helps!

Hello Stacy!

Thank you for the response! I can confirm that going back to the ‘Scan Type’ screen from ‘Wayspot Association’ screen works and Scan Type properly sets to Test.

Thank you for your help!