Unable to reflect uploaded scan data

Uploaded scan data and got a Scout Controller in Ingress Prime, but the data are not reflected in Geospatial Browser and Can’t activate the portal.

Hi @asarbor ,
While Lightship uses data from scans done in-game, the GSB is not the same map and it’s not guaranteed to reflect the data, so this is not a bug on the GSB or Lightship.
Also, I honestly can’t help much on the game side, this forum is meant for Lightship developers and not for game support, please use Ingress Support for this type of questions.

The data is processed in the VPS database, and not the game that created the mesh
This is outside of the scope of the Ingress dev team.

You have to download the Wayfarer app. Even then, when you try to activate it, it doesn’t work. Everything has been broken ever since the Ingress challenge started, which ended over a month ago.

Has there been any movement here? My mesh “uploads” via the app, but is not visible under my geospatial browser uploaded scans tab.