Using Private Scans for Release

Hello, why can’t I just use Test Scans for released app? I know they are for development purposes but, can’t I just use them? They work really great.
Also, does test scans have time or quarry limit, so after some time they become inactive?

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Any update here?

As support said to me, it just they can’t check if the location is safe for player (for example someone can guide the player in unsafe territory where he might get robbed) and if it violates app store, google play and niantic safety rules or something in this context.

Someone in the discord chat also pointed out:

  1. User-created waypoints in apps can be risky – someone could guide users to a dangerous spot without even realizing it! That’s why it’s smart that Niantic has a whole system to review waypoints. This centralized oversight means they can make sure locations are safe and public, which is better than just relying on individual developers who might miss something important. Sure, it might take extra work, but isn’t a little extra work worth it when it comes to user safety?. Past incidents with similar apps have shown risks of robbery, injury, and even predators using apps to target vulnerable individuals. AR is amazing but there is potential for unforeseen consequences I think I would trust developers that have done this on large scale. And we’re lucky to benefit from the tools that they have to avoid making similar mistakes.

As of time or querry limit, I think there aren’t any, but they don’t guarantee it.