Vps activated location question with NianticWayfarer

I’m using the NianticWayfarer, I have upload the virtual objects and able to see it using my API key. I wonder what is the different bwteen VPS activated and VPS not activated locations? Does it mean if I scan a location and make it public. I then can place the Virtual game object and other people are able to see it with the WayFarer app? I am a bit confused now.
Also if I scanned a VPS-activated location then what happened?

Hello Aaron,

Non-VPS-activated wayspots can be scanned with the Wayfarer app, and once a wayspot gathers enough good data from enough good scans, it will become VPS-activated over time. Only VPS-activated wayspots are returned by the VPS Coverage API for use in apps that are intended for VPS experiences.

The Wayfarer app is not intended to display virtual objects or share unique persistent content between users. It’s a tool for locating wayspots and adding scans to wayspots in order to make them VPS-activated, as well as for adding additional scans to existing VPS-activated wayspots in order to strengthen them with additional visual data and improve localization for end-users.

I hope this helps.

I’ve tried the VPS coverage app and found some nearby locations based on where I’m at. And give me the direction of how to get there. But how is this related to VPS? Because as far as I know, All the VPS virtual object that I’ve uploaded is linked to the location that I scanned. And other users can only see my object if they use the same API key. So does it matter if that VPS location is activated or not?