Watspot VPS scan looking off

Issue category: Lightship Maps / VPS /Scanning Framework
Device type & OS version: Android / iOS / Other Ex. iPhone 8+ on iOS 13
Issue Environment : Unity Remote / Unity Mock / On Device / Dev Portal

Bug reproduction steps:

Hello! There is a public Wayspot near me and I wanted to try it out. The mesh for that Wayspot is looking really bad it’s just some random chunks. The Wayspot is a cathedral and when I test the vps mesh it activates and recognises the cathedral even if I scan it from the roof but the vps mesh (the chunks) is placed on the floor and a bit far away from the cathedral. How is it possible that when I scan from top where no chunks from the mesh are placed, it still recognises the place and places the chunks from the mesh on the same place on the floor as before (even if I didn’t scan that part at all). Is it possible that some parts of the VPS mesh are not visible even if I import it into unity.

The said Wayspot is shown in the photo.

Hi Alema,

Thank you for reaching out! The reason you’re seeing ugly and strange chunks rather than a beautiful cathedral mesh or anything that vaguely resembles one is because scans that are taken for longer than about a minute are subject to chunking. Our scanning process is an iterative one where every scan builds upon the last, creating a profile for our algorithm to understand what its looking at and identify it as a particular Wayspot or point of interest (POI), so while it might look “impossible” for the system to understand that a couple unidentifiable chunks are a beautiful cathedral, our system is looking at the data all the chunks and all the scans have provided collectively. In addition, the meshes you see in our Geospatial Browser use a different coordinate system we like to refer to as “Wayspot coordinates” which is why the meshes may appear to be off-center. In actuality, the “Wayspot coordinates” help developers that want to place content on or near a particular Wayspot position their content properly without a lot of trial and error.

What about your chunks being placed on the floor? The system doesn’t label individual chunks as anything in particular so you might be expecting to see parts of the roof mesh but might actually have a mesh that is parts of the ground. Unfortunately, the Geospatial Browser is currently only showing one mesh rather than the entire catalog of available meshes, so if you’re looking for a good mesh of this Wayspot, you could take a scan yourself using Scaniverse and download it in the Scaniverse app itself.

Kind regards,
Maverick L.