We stuck for handling Tile Names


We are continuing our work at full speed for our game Greed Park, which we will present globally as Liya Games.

We have encountered a challenge and need guidance on this matter.

In the game, we place objects grouped based on TileID. There is a connection in the form of TileId->Coordinate for optimal performance.

The player plays the game with a 3rd Person camera in the game. We also have an exploration mode with a top-down perspective to allow players to discover which objects are in which areas. An example of the TileID we currently have recorded on the map is: Tile (17, 76204, 49218).

When we zoom out, we see that instead of 17, it decreases to 16-15-14. How can we determine which TileID our held TıleID corresponds to at the zoom-out level? What is the connection between them?

Is there a method to understand that Tile (13, 96204, 29218) contains the TileID of Tile (17, 76204, 49218)?

Thank you.

Hi Sercan,

I don’t believe there’s a function built-in to Maps that associates one tile of one zoom level to a tile created for a different zoom level. To work around this, you’ll have to listen to when tiles are added after the radius changed event and consider the coordinates and size of the new tiles to determine if they “fit” the tile you were monitoring.

Kind Regards,
Maverick L.