When can we expect SDKs for other languages/tools (iOS, Android)

I believe SDKs should exist for iOS and Android (and Flutter maybe?) to let mobile developers directly utilize your tools without the need for Unity overlay. Mobile SDKs are powerful enough to offer a very effective workflow without the need to add Unity in the mix.


Thank you for the feedback!!

Hi, Michael, thanks for the feature recommendation. We have sent it to our product team.

bump for any news about this :smiley:

Hi! Paul here. Amateur developer, at best :smile:

I believe that Unity provides a premade 3D space complete with physics, gravity and 1000 other mature and developed features well suited to XR.

The Niantic ARDK is awesome, but was built on top of the preexisting Unity features to avoid reinventing the wheel, I am guessing. It adds features to the set, like a Unity package.

Porting it directly to Android SDK would mean losing all those features and a need to create new ones or tie the ARDK in to some open source version of 3D space and physics engines with all the API configuration and such that goes along with it. As Android SDK doesn’t have them out of the box ready to go.

Could be way off, but that is my guess.