When will ARDK 3 Beta be available for Unity 2022 LTS?

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I was hoping to add some of ARDK 3’s unique features (mainly occlusion) to my existing AR Foundation stack, but my project has been built in Unity 2022 LTS, not the required 2021.

Is there an estimated date for when ARDK 3 will be compatible with Unity 2022? Wondering if it would be best to wait it out vs. porting if it’s coming up soon.

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ARDK 3 has been tested (internally as well) and it should work in 2022lts. Did you experience any issues with it?

This also means you don’t need to download the custom gradle version etc like 2021 needs

Thanks for the quick reply @Dylan_Smit ! It looks like 2022 lts is working fine. Might be helpful to update the documentation soon if others have the same question

Hello Lucas,

While we do plan to officially support Unity 2022 for ARDK 3.0 in the future, I’m unable to provide a specific date for its availability at this time.

As Dylan mentioned, there has been some testing, and you would not need to download the custom gradle build in 2022. However, while you could experiment with 2022, we currently recommend 2021 to avoid potential compatibility issues that may be present at this time.

Currently using 2022 and have not experienced any issue yet.

I’m guessing/hoping that will be with the mon beta launch

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