Who 'owns' a wayspot?

Hi there,

I’m starting a webAR project for my client which is a museum (semi public) . We like to scan the interior of the museum to create AR experience inside the museum with the help of Lightship VPS (through the 8th Wall platform). I think we meet all the Eligibility Criteria. Now before creating a public wayspot, I need to make sure that my client can also remove the wayspot from the cloud and stays the legal owner of the uploaded scans. I just can’t find anything about removing wayspots from the cloud. What is the procedure here? Can anybody shine some light on the topic of ownership? So far no answers from 8th wall or lightship support… Any help is greatly appreciated

A public wayspot is public, so you can send a request via wayfarer to niantic to remove it.
If you want to use something specific for the museum maybe make a private scan instead?


Many thanks for your response.

If i understand correctly a public wayspot contains multiple scans in different lightning conditions to improve quality. A private scan, unfortunately, is just one scan.

In the Wayfarer I can’t find any functionality to request a removal (at least when i login with 8th wall account). Any idea where to find this form inside the app?


Are you asking about removing a public Wayspot, or do you mean removing only the AR scans of a public wayspot? Either way: Niantic owns them.

I don’t think there’s a way to remove scans from a public Wayspot.

Property owners can remove public Wayspots from the Lightship database, and all current and future Niantic games, here Contact Us — Report an Issue with a Pokéstop/Gym Help Center or here Contact Us — Report an Issue with a Portal Help Center
Some Wayspots have been in some games for 5-10 years already. I suggest: consider whether removing a museum from all games would make it less relevant to a whole generation of people.

Hi Alicia,

Thanks for your reply. I meant removing a Wayspot. I think it’s up to a property owner to decide wether to publish or unpublish their property as a wayspot. I got a response from Niantic support and they confirmed that a wayspot will be removed whenever a property owner requests a removal by email. I guess the forms above will also do.