Who's Excited for the Lightship VPS announcement on the 24th?!?

As the Lightship Summit gets nearer, who’s getting ready for the new VPS features? Any projects you’re working on that might benefit from adding VPS? Any game ideas you’ve been sitting on? Any hopes for specific announcements or integrations during the event?

Yes - I’m definitely interested in making site-specific experiences. I’ve needed a tool like this for a long time.

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Super excited to try out VPS. Most awaited feature!!!

We have developed some aspects of our own, but in working with prototyping a few gameplay ideas with Lightship we are really interested in VPS - if it’s as great as everything else we have been seeing from the ARDK - it may be just what we want to switch over to that

The timing is perfect. I think I got as far as I can with my current GPS AR stack. The spacial web is the future’s future! so excite!