Why it is failed?

I am uploading private Wayspots but it is failed.

Hi Madhvi,

A failed status could be due to a few things. See below:

  1. Check to make sure your location services are enabled on your device by going to Settings > Niantic Wayfarer > Location menu. If not, try submitting your scans again.
  2. Make sure your Wayfarer app isn’t locking/closing during the upload process because this could also cause interruptions in the upload.
    Please provide your device model and operating system version.
    Find more information on best practices for private scans in our documentation. We also have more information on understanding private vps location status here.

Hi Moranda,

I checked location services It is always on. I am using iPhone 10 XS and ios 16.0.2.
but still It is failed.

Thanks for this information. I’ve escalated this to our senior engineering team. Are you able to confirm which Wayfarer app version you are using? Also, we need you to share a recording of the items below to help resolve your issue:

  1. Download the latest version of of Wayfarer from TestFlight
  2. Start a screen recording
  3. Create at least two private scans that are about 20 seconds each
  4. Upload the scans
  5. Return to the device’s main screen in order to show the system icons along the top such as network connection signal, etc.

Hello @Madhvi_Sadhu,

Are you still experiencing issues with uploading private scans via the Wayfarer app?

Also, have you tried creating a private scan with the latest version of Wayfarer? At this time, that would be version 2.2.0.a3a9a66 as viewed in the Profile tab within the app.