ARDK 2.4.2 Apple M1, instant error message / not working

Include the following details while filing a bug report (edit as applicable):

  • Issue category: ARDK Virtual Studio Tools / Developer Tools
  • Device type & OS version: ´ iOS
  • Host machine & OS version: Mac M1 16GB ram, Ventura 13.1
  • Issue Environment : Unity Remote / Unity Mock
  • Xcode version:
  • ARDK version: 2.4.2
  • Unity version: 2021.3.16f1
    RP : URP

Bug reproduction steps:

Hi, I’m trying to get ARDK 2.4.2. running however I immediately receive the error message below. I then removed 2.4.2. and imported 2.3.2 and it worked out of the box (Mock Environments). I use URP & Mock Environments. The Scene is just a blank scene URP / Mobile / iOS with only ARDK imported.

Happy for any help :slight_smile:

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Hi @Tobias_Reidl!

Thanks for raising this. I was able to reproduce this issue and it seems like this is a bug. I’ve let the team know and will be sure to keep you posted with updates.

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I have had the same issue. You can deploy it by removing the call to _InitializeNativeLibraries(); (around line 59) in the !REQUIRE_MANUAL_STARTUP method.

I tested it, and it worked both in the Playback mode and on my IPhone 13.



@Josef_Waschlab Thanks for posting this work-around!

thank you mate will give it a try :slight_smile:

Same problem here: I followed the Building ARDK Apps for iOS tutorial, and got stuck in running the LowLevelNetworking scene as suggested with runtime environment on “Live Device”.

When pressing play:

#Niantic.ARDK.Internals.StartupSystems#: _nativeHandle is not null, _InitializeNativeLibraries is called twice
UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)
Niantic.ARDK.Utilities.Logging.UnityARLogHandler:Error (string) (at Assets/ARDK/Utilities/Logging/LogHandler/UnityARLogHandler.cs:41)
Niantic.ARDK.Utilities.Logging.ARLog:_Error (string) (at Assets/ARDK/Utilities/Logging/ARLog.cs:198)
Niantic.ARDK.Internals.StartupSystems:_InitializeNativeLibraries () (at Assets/ARDK/Internals/StartupSystems.cs:113)
Niantic.ARDK.Internals.StartupSystems:_StandardStartup () (at Assets/ARDK/Internals/StartupSystems.cs:86)
Niantic.ARDK.Internals.StartupSystems:Startup () (at Assets/ARDK/Internals/StartupSystems.cs:70)

When clicking the Init button:

#Niantic.ARDK.VirtualStudio.Networking._MockNetworkingSessionsMediator#: While VirtualStudio is running mock networks, only other mock networking instances can be initialized.
UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)
Niantic.ARDK.Utilities.Logging.UnityARLogHandler:Error (string) (at Assets/ARDK/Utilities/Logging/LogHandler/UnityARLogHandler.cs:41)
Niantic.ARDK.Utilities.Logging.ARLog:_Error (string) (at Assets/ARDK/Utilities/Logging/ARLog.cs:198)
Niantic.ARDK.VirtualStudio.Networking._MockNetworkingSessionsMediator:HandleAnyInitialized (Niantic.ARDK.Networking.MultipeerNetworkingEventArgs.AnyMultipeerNetworkingInitializedArgs) (at Assets/ARDK/VirtualStudio/Networking/_MockNetworkingSessionsMediator.cs:204)
Niantic.ARDK.Networking.MultipeerNetworkingFactory:_InvokeNetworkingInitialized (Niantic.ARDK.Networking.IMultipeerNetworking,bool) (at Assets/ARDK/Networking/MultipeerNetworkingFactory.cs:251)
Niantic.ARDK.Networking.MultipeerNetworkingFactory:Create (Niantic.ARDK.RuntimeEnvironment,Niantic.ARDK.Networking.ServerConfiguration,System.Guid) (at Assets/ARDK/Networking/MultipeerNetworkingFactory.cs:113)
Niantic.ARDK.Networking.MultipeerNetworkingFactory:Create (Niantic.ARDK.RuntimeEnvironment,System.Guid) (at Assets/ARDK/Networking/MultipeerNetworkingFactory.cs:62)
Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.NetworkSessionManager:Create () (at Assets/ARDK/Extensions/NetworkSessionManager.cs:214)
Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.NetworkSessionManager:InitializeImpl () (at Assets/ARDK/Extensions/NetworkSessionManager.cs:116)
Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.UnityLifecycleDriver:Initialize () (at Assets/ARDK/Extensions/UnityLifecycleDriver.cs:132)
UnityEngine.EventSystems.EventSystem:Update () (at Library/PackageCache/com.unity.ugui@1.0.0/Runtime/EventSystem/EventSystem.cs:501)

Unity 2021.3.16f
ARDK 2.4.2
Macbook M1 2020
OSX Ventura 13.1

Hi all! Update: There will be a fix for this in a future release. Until then please give @Josef_Waschlab’s work around a try and let us know if you run into any other issues.