AWE 2021 post-event discussion

Were you at the event, virtually or in person?
Did you come to our talks, did you see John’s keynote? (John Hanke (CEO Niantic) Keynote at AWE USA 2021 - YouTube)
Did you come to the demo booth to try out Lightship and the Voyage developer sample?

What did you think?

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I was only able to watch the keynote virtually but I found it hugely inspiring to see that there is a company out there looking at the moral impacts of this technology at a point where there’s actually a chance to make a difference to it. Thinking about the future impacts now, rather than waiting and the typical “ask for forgiveness, not permission” mentality. So glad to see AWE began by reminding everyone of the importance of all of this, thank you John and thank you to the Niantic team for working towards that goal in a responsible way :slight_smile: