Niantic and the Metaverse: John Hanke excerpt from Lightship Launch

I have experimented with both AR and VR. I watched Zuckerberg’s Meta announcement and just can’t see people spending their time in his vision of the Metaverse. In contrast, I found John Hanke’s comments much more in-line with my personal perspective on the value and role of AR. I am sure both technologies have their place, but for me AR has just a more compelling use case. I took the opportunity to excerpt John’s comments from the launch program and posted them to Youtube.

Honestly the word Metaverse needs to die off quickly, I absolutely hate the word and I can see it getting a lot of misuse for every developer who created a virtual world. I think META had some good ideas, but it would require worldwide adoption and I just can’t see that happening, the tools and ideas however and very cool