Best Way to Reset and AR Session

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Just wondering what the best way to reset the ARSession is in ARDK.
I know in AR Foundation it was essentially easier to Reload the Unity Scene since any inspector references would get lost if you reset their AR Session.
Hoping there is a bit nicer of a way to do that with ARDK since that can be somewhat jaring for the User.

Hi Peter, not too sure what you mean by resetting the ARSession, could you elaborate a little? Would this documentation help with what you are asking?

Hi Peter, just wanted to check and see if you have found a working solution for resetting ARSession or if you still need help on that. As this thread will be closing soon, please feel free to open a new topic if you would like to discuss this again.

Hi Kevin sorry was off coding for Thanksgiving week, mainly just wanted to know if there was a simple way to basically clear out any anchors, planes or cloud points the session generated over its lifetime.

Just to kind of “reset” the room you’re in incase things got misaligned or put out of wack.

Hey Peter, I don’t believe there is a default function in place that does what is essentially wiping out and reconfiguring the mesh, that may have to be something that you will have to customize yourself. However, there is a RemoveExistingMesh function that may suit your needs, maybe this will help?