Can I restart or reset AR Session?

when i click some buttons like GoBack, or Restart , etc, i want the session to be restarted. Is it possible to do that?
for ex, even after i detectied floor with planes, when i click restart button, i want the session to be runned again and detect floors again from nothing detected.
is it possible? and if it is, how can i do that?

Hello Olivia,

Have you had a chance to look over our documentation about Using ARDK Feature Managers? This will guide you through how to run a session and add custom configurations to the ARSessionManager and other Managers.
For example, you could create your own restart button that calls the OnDestroy() method to dispose of the current ARSession if Manage Using Unity Lifecycle is true, or you can manually call Deinitialize() if false. Please note that once a Manager has been deinitialized, it is no longer able to be re-initialized. If you want to re-enable it at that point, you’ll need to destroy and recreate the component.

You can also refer to the ARSessionRunOptions documentation for information regarding transitioning the ARSession’s current state. I hope this helps!