Help from dev or lightship team needed

Is there a dev or someone from Niantic/Lighship I can talk to, to discuss a possible awesome project? I’m curious to hear if the platform is ready for it.

We’ve got an inquiry with a MAJOR awesome idea and we are currently looking for a platform to build it on. Lightship looks to have the best cards. Therefore I’d like to get in contact with dev(s) with a bit more experience with Lightship already to see if it’s solid enough to actually do it.

The idea is simple; an employee will use his/her smartphone to hide eggs all around the store, basically a treasurehunt. There will be around 750 - 1.000 stores within The Netherlands that will participate. The users will be able to do the game by downloading the app. It will use a streetmap to show the user where the eggs are hidden. The user will walk up to the egg and has to look for it. It will be hidden behind things where we are planning to use the realworld mapping system to have the right occlusion there. We will have several different eggs with different ‘points’. It’s a time based game with bonus or minus points with certain eggs.

We will need a basic backend to see how many retailers have set out a treasure hunt. Also to see how many users, collect some minor data as in Nickname, fullname, emailaddress.

Kind regards,

Jan Verwoerd