Linear color space support

Currently the AR camera view doesn’t work properly when the Unity project is set to Linear color space (it appears very washed out). I’ve manually fixed this in the camera shaders, but it would be good if this just worked without this sort of modification.

Hello Pascal, what render pipeline are you using? Having an increased brightness with a Linear color setting is a known issue, and notable when using the universal render pipeline (URP). I’m glad that you were able to find a work around using shaders. Changing the color settings from Linear to Gamma (default) will also resolve the issue. Having support for all available color settings is an excellent suggestion and I have created a feature request for consideration. Please ensure you are using the most recent version of Lightship, as more support and added features will be made available with new releases.


We’re using URP and there are other considerations which meant we aren’t able to switch back to Gamma.

We have the work-around for now, but look forward to linear color support in a future update.


Are you willing to share the shader?
Im having the same trouble and Im not that deep into shader programming

Edit: I figured it out
Solution: Washed out camera image and how to fix it

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