Looking for a Developer to build a prototype AR tool for Film & TV

Hello there,

I’m very excited to see Lightship has become public, and if I understand correctly what it has to offer, then I’m truly ecstatic because all that my app idea is missing is better tracking.

I’ve previously had a very basic level prototype of my app idea developed using AR Foundation, but I didn’t take it any further than that because the tracking was unreliable. The basic idea of the app is to provide an AR walk-through of a movie set precisely in the location of where it will be built. For this to work, users will scan a marker-image or QR code that has been physically and accurately positioned in the real location. This image would be the initial anchor, spawning the AR data in relation to the position/scale/rotation of the marker-image or QR code. Once the data is augmented accurately, I then hope that the data can be frozen and the user can walk away from the marker-image and proceed to walk through the movie set.

If this sounds like something that you might be able to help me with, I would love to chat and begin trialing Lightship’s accuracy. Please feel free to ask me about myself. Thanks for your time, everybody!


Hi Devin - sounds like it’s straight forward and Lightship is a great resource for it. I previously spoke to a studio about previsualization tools and can see the value. If you are still looking for input on this I’d be glad to continue the conversation. I can be reached at dw@realtimeht.com. Best, David Warhol