Sun Angle Estimation and Generalized color temperature

It would be great if light estimation also included an estimate on the angle of the sun (or main light), so the lighting in our projects can have proper shadow angles.

Also I am missing a feature to read out the color temperature for both IOS and Android. This should not be that hard to do since Mathf already has color temperature to RGB and this will be easier for devs to implement.

Already asked somewhere else without reply, is it possible to help with documentation?
Light estimation does not have any setup documentation for example and image detection was lacking


Hello Dylan,

Thank you for your input! I have passed along your suggestions to Engineering for consideration.

While we greatly appreciate your offer to help, the documentation is currently handled by our internal team.

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Is there an update on this feature?


Hello Geronimo,

Thank you for your interest in these features!

While I cannot guarantee if or when these features will be implemented, I have passed along the community interest to the internal team and raised the priority of this request.

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Add me too, light estimation is crucial to my project and I can’t find any documentation or examples of it anywhere :frowning:

Would LOVE access to more information on this feature. I feel it’s very important for a seemless visual experience.

Something like this? SunLight – Location based Time of Day | Particles/Effects | Unity Asset Store might work until this is built in. Seems trivial to build, though.

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